Rcad Express Structural

It’s highly time saving and easy to learn ,enabled with intelligent commands.
Streamlines and simplifies :
Column Placing. Beam Numbering.
Column Change (As Per Schedule). Beam Sizes.
Column Numbering (With Sizes). Find Double & Missing Numbers.
Column Footing (As Per Schedule).  Column Text Boxes / Circle.
Pile Footing. Slab Marking & Numbering.
Combine Footing Sections. Quick Schedule Editing.
UGWT Plan & Section  Number Of Slab & Long & Short Dim.
Column Links. Shuttering Drawing.
Schedule Of Column Reduction. Combine Footing.
Beam Framing. Find Double, Missing & Sequence Number.
Foundation Schedule. Stad Single Line.
Wall Center Line To Rectangle. RCC Area For Bill.